Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tree dilemma

Warning - this is a first world problem post!

We live in the country....and there are large and small tree farms near us.
We used to go to the small ones when the kids were babies & toddlers and large ones when the kids were preschool age-early grade school age because they did the whole experience...for the past 4-5 years were back to the small hobbyist farm stage.  Only trouble is the one we go to us possibly taking the year off because of drought and limited rain means limited growth.  He mentioned it last year - but now with soooo little rain I'm afraid it will be one reality.

Here is the dilemma:

We have very little free time as a family together to go pick out the live tree and decorate it together this year (the next 3 Saturday's are all booked with winter sports that take 6 hours).   Sooo I made the suggestion that we consider the fact if we can't get a real tree from the place we like and our crazy schedules - what if we take advantage of the huge sales and buy an artificial tree this year.  

Oh Holy Cow!  One kiddo is all for it and the other and hubby are totally deadest against it!  

I admit I will miss the fragrance, but not the watering and needles that will fall off.  Oh and the 2-4 days of sneezing as my sinuses get acclimated to having it here in the house.

What would you do?


  1. Whomever is constantly cleaning the floors and whomever decorates and takes down the tree gets the final say. If you go the artifical route, get a Yankee candle for the pine scent.

  2. We got to the point in our house. When activities had to take precedent and there was no time we bought an artificial tree and since we had Thanksgiving at home, the new tradition was putting the tree up and decorating it after dinner Worked out fine and there were no complaints. I agree about the candle, I buy one every year.