Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back to routines

hi everyone!  I'm back from the hiatus. I find I need to get things posted for my own frugal accountability and sanity.

We are starting to get into a groove again after some very trying weeks here.
Heartbreaking news and a memorial service afterwards.
Add to it hubby's crazier than ever year end work schedule, a rotating series of vehicle issues (all $$$ and not one vehicle untouched), Christmas music concert, family commitments, winter sports practice until 8pm 3 nights a week.

We finally got a tree last weekend - almost had to buy a fake one since the usual tree farm had cut the quota for the season - luckily we found one nearby at a different gentleman farmers place.

I put a big push on shopping this weekend and I think I just need to get  a couple stocking stuffers to finish up the kids and hubby.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's writing  break - better than napping at school pickup.

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