Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas recap.....

What a lovely holiday.  Plenty of family time, generous gifts and a few new items for my wardrobe, sweaters and vest.  Some new crafting supplies and snacky items.

Only 2 things bummed me out....
1 couldn't locate jarred or boxed mince pie filling anywhere at all. Other than Amazon ($22/2 jars no thanks). This really bummed me out since I can't have mince tarts now. 
2 no chai tea bags in my stocking - I can remedy that fast!

Ventured out today (outlet malls were still nutty busy) to exchange a gift from relations to one of the kids for the correct size.  Of course it wasn't available so an alternative was selected.  Then went to return the shirts I bought my stepdad for the correct size.  Glad I did, they were on even more of a sale so I saved another $22!  Was going to try and restock my tissue paper/gift box stash for next year maybe go tomorrow - depends on my mood in the morning.  

Hubby took oldest to ikea yesterday for a new desk (kitchen counter and legs). Came home with some new storage cubes for my craft area - they were 50% off for the 4 cube one.  

Tonight's plan is to find some new sneakers for me on sale online.  

Also last week I got the call to sub for the first week if the new year.  It's only 4 days but it will pay for my Scrapbooking retreat later this winter!  

I plan on spending what's left of this week puttering around sorting clothes for the last minute tax deduction (and decluttering). 

Hope everyone is enjoying a great holiday season!!

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