Friday, December 30, 2016

My least favorite question

This is a late Festivus post....hope you all have your pole polished and ready....
Everyone has questions that set them on edge....these are mine I've narrowed it down to 5

Mine in order are

1. What's your dinner plan?
    Why?  It's always from hubby, usually on the way home from work (a time I never know). No mTter what I answer I can count on at least 1 of 3 if not all 3 questions.....what are you serving it with, is it done/when will it be done and what made you cook that?     I was raised to not question the meal prepared, to just eat it - it's fuel and if you don't care for it, you eat it anyhow because that's what there was.    He was raised differently. His mom didn't cook stuff the kids didn't like - not that I do, but sometimes I make less than favorite meals and now the kids have developed a taste for them.  Besides, if there is something particular desired for dinner just freaking say so - my crystal ball is on the fritz.  

2.   Can I ask you a question?  
      Why?  It's frigging redundant!  It's probably my biggest pet peeve (other than they're, there and their grammar mistakes). Everyone asks it - and I find if I'm heading towards snarkyville, being asked this completes my trip there.

3.  What are 'we' going to do?
     Why?  In this context lately it's not a case of We but You going to do?  Usually involves a less than pleasant task, physical or brainy implying that the asker hasn't given thought 1 toward a solution to a problem needing solution.

4..  Where do you want to go eat?  
      Why?  This is usually met with resistance because when we eat out lately it's as a family.  Take into account my birthday or Mother's Day...I love Mexican and seafood and am not a big fan of BBQ.  Inevitably I'm asked  & if I suggest the 2 options and a usually told "you know X doesn't like spicy/fishy food". What about this place?  Well, if you know I like 2 places a lot and don't get to go often, don't ask me - you know I'm going to be disappointed if it's someone else's choice that really gets made while trying to make me feel like it was my choice.

5.  What do you do all day?
     Why?  I'm a stay at home mom, but I'm often not at home....I run errands, attend to volunteer stuff, sub teach, clean house and drive non-driver teens around to their commitments. Trust me, I would love to sit back, watch movies and nibble bonbons all day. But it doesn't work that way


  1. I agree with and five get me. Five especially when it comes out of the mouth of some of my husband's family members! They don't seem to "get" the fact that my staying home requires a lot of compromises and that I still do a LOT at home. It really irks me when one person in particular makes comments about us "being rich"...Um far from it Buddy! LOL