Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One last push

Tomorrow and Friday...
thats it - those are the last days i have to shop/prep for Christmas 2016. 

plan is set....up early tomorrow to clean up/tidy and decorate.  then a fast run to BJs and wrappingin the   evening.

Friday has me up early and headed to Aldi for cheeses, crackers etc.  

i will do a quick check on stocking stuffers tomorrow night as well.  we have a new stocking stuffer rule this year useful (ie toothbrushes, toiletries socks) or edible (treats).   do you know how awesomely a bottle of shower gell fills out a stocking?


  1. Heck, I've been putting toiletries in Xmas stockings for years! lol
    Merry Christmas

  2. You're in the home stretch! Today is my last day of official work (I'm on call for the next two weeks & will likely have to work, but sporadically) & I'm ready! Bags are packed for our trip tomorrow.