Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Operation: Academic Success

Part of the new year will bring a bit of stress to our home - not a new stress because it's school related.

We will be searching for the best school for the youngest child for the fall next year. Currently a freshman in high school, this child was accepted into a magnet school and then decided to stay in the current school at the last minute - I suspect mostly because of the fear of the unknown.  Now this child is unhappy and overwhelmed and not doing well despite being very bright.  So we will be exploring the tech school route when school starts again in January. 

Our public high school isn't an option for many reasons (the principal and I didn't see eye to eye before regarding our older child's IEP vs 504 plan),  the school environment & staff loves super jocks or artists, the robotics team is by selection of the TAG teacher only - not by proven talent or aptitude (grades & test scores are a factor for our kiddo). Basically there is no place for the quiet kid who comes in behaves decently, is generally a good Kid and does their work; everyone is expected to be exceptional and if you aren't - they write you off.

That leaves us where we currently are, with academic tutors  at the current school or tech school (totally not the end of the world). 


  1. I understand your dilemma. When my dd was entering high school, I was unhappy with the city's high school. If you weren't exceptional, you fell through the cracks and the high school was too big. Luckily, there was school choice available at that time so we applied to a much smaller hs in another town and she was accepted. Of course, I had to drive her every day until her senior year, but she graduated with only 700 students in her class as opposed to thousands. My city had to pay the money they spend per student to the other school as tuition.

    Good luck! I'm glad we made the move for her sake.

  2. That's how the magnets work here. It's a lottery to be selected and the class size would have been 75 kids max. It's a sciences magnet which kiddo has always done well in, just doesn't love it and at 14 can't see making it a life's work or study. That's one reason we are happy with the current catholic school - it's classical college prep. But for the $$ we aren't seeing the grades like we did with the older child and this one just seems so unhappy there.

    1. I made an error, she graduated with 175 in her class instead of 700 in the city's high school. Much more attention to each student.