Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finally all healthy

I really hope I didn't jinx it by typing it

I believe he germs have run their course through us all now.  Several boxes of Kleenex and DayQuil and gallons of soup and tea I think we are 'cured'

Now it's time to get back to frugal  activities with a vengeance.  We have to behave with $$ more carefully now.  We had an unexpected major expense, we had to replace hubs truck sooner than we planned.  The old one we ran for 15 years but it had become rather expensive to do so and was getting unreliable.  He did lots of research and found a 2016 new leftover at a leader who was super motivated to move it off the we got a really good deal....not as many bells and whistles as we might have gotten on a2017 but that's fine. The move up in the purchase timeframe just happened to line up with property taxes, tuition payment and insurance payments all in the same month.  A little juggling and belt tightening so we don't have to rely on credit cards - guess I'm cooking more (drat)

Monday, January 23, 2017

School = Germ factory

last week I had one kiddo home with a really bad cold for 2 Friday the cold got to me.  Today I no sooner than get home and shower, the youngest was pale & naseous - please come get the kid.

I think posts might be sparse this week......

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cooking ahead & a freebie

Did a bit of cooking today.  On the way home from dropping off at school, I stopped for a few things...Big Y has regular chickens not oven stuffer roasters on sale this week $.88/#.  I picked 1 up and a 3.5# pack of ground beef.  While the bird baked in a baking bag I browned and drained the beef, it's now in 2 quart baggies in the freezer, ready to be added to chili or sauce for a fast dinner.  The chicken will morph into a large chicken pot pie tomorrow.  Tasty little bird. May grab a couple more, bake them off and freeze for ready to go meals.

Dinner tonight was leftovers / on your we were all going in different directions and there were plenty in the fridge. 

My freebie was a calendar at Big Y, near the exit with the coupons magazine.  Going to try using it for long range meal planning - like Carol @ CT on a Budget.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Long weekend

It's a 3 day weekend here!  Yay!
So nice that we have tomorrow off from school - kids will sleep in, I will attend to some laundry and paperwork until they wake up.
Just the usual stuff.

I actually have a big chunk of paperwork to sort through tomorrow - not my favorite task, but necessary.  I'm sure that most will get shredded.  Maybe with a little luck I can get to goodwill to drop  off the sack of outgrown clothes from Youngest's wardrobe.  Really wish that Salvation Army hadn't closed the store closest to us.  

Just the usual boring, trying to be as careful/mindful with spending as I can be.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Big day at Goodwill

Today after dropping the kids at school and picking up pet food at agway I made a stop at goodwill.  
Totally lucked out!  I was looking for some of the wire shelves that stack on each other...struck out.
Where I lucked out was, I got 7 sets of aluminum sock knitting needles - those are the ones where you use them in pairs and are pointy on both ends.  These were $.99 each - total deal, now I have to figure out if I'm going to learn to use them or send them to a friend that converts them into funky jewelry - anyhow they are great colors if I do send them out, I know she'll send me something cool from her collection.  

I also picked up another Wilton Armatell oval tray with scallop shell style handles. $3.99!   I got one as a wedding gift, found another at goodwill a few years ago and now have another.  Why do I need 3?  I might not but I use the 2 I gave a lot, they are great for serving right from the grill on - they retain heat nicely.  They are also great for cold appetizers since they stay cold if chilled first.  Plus they aren't huge.  

So while I didn't find my shelves I found another couple deals and I'm pretty happy!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2 days of snow.....

Wow!  Winter is here for real I guess.  

Yesterday we got the 5:30 am call school had a 2 hour delay.  After kids are out of the shower and I'm dressed, lunches packed kitchen cleaned up ready to head out the door for 8:20. The second call comes - school cancelled for the day.  Not all in our area closed, but I guess town road crew in the town the school is located was in touch with the superintendent.  Their public cancelled too.  Needless to say the kids were thrilled, changed from uniforms to hanging out clothes and set about puttering on tidier own projects.  I changed into housework clothes and started to dismantle the Christmas decorations.  Now the tree sits naked in the corner.  

Today we were supposed to get a little snow a dusting."but the town oldest was supposed to have a sports event was in the 4-8" range.  So sports were cancelled for today.  Yay since we would have had to be up and out of the house by 7 am.  Well, snow started earlier than forecasted and we had an 8" dusting at our house!  

Yup - another day of puttering, napping and Netflix.  Naked tree still in the corner of the living room.  

Frugally speaking things went well.  Spent no $$. Other than topping off gas tank when I went out this morning before snow.  Ate from home (hubby has decided that Aldi pizzas are the way to go - and picked up some on his way home last night). I finished up the ham & 15 bean soup.  


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2 down & 2 to go

Subbing this week....seems odd to sub after a winter break, but who am I to judge how people use their time if the school admins are ok with it.  
First 2 days are done and I'm beat!  I was looking forward to a relaxing. Igbo home Friday night, until hubby reminded me we have a dinner we have to go to.  Well, at least I don't have to cook - ha ha ha!
Saturday is a school sporting event for oldest.  These are all day things - last year the hosting school didn't have a great concessions either, so I will be packing good snacks for me and oldest.
Sunday we are the cooks at our church's soup kitchen, we like it but it's another commitment.  Do far my 1 NewYears resolution to not overbook weekends with hither & yon activities has been busted.   I must not get defeated!

On positive news, I pulled out my Aldi night face cream tonight and there was more in the jar than I recall.  This is really good, since the air has been so dry and icky lately.  I may slather it in on in daytimeI
 When I  don't have to be made up.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Day - new start day

January 1,2017. 
What do I have planned for the day?  
Well, so far it's normal....trash out to bin, recycles to that bin, laundry washing away in the machine, dishwasher needed to be emptied and refilled.  

I'm subbing this week so on my plan is to look over the forecast and gather 4 outfits together for he week.  As with all post holiday vacations, re-entry to school is tough for my kids.  Their uniforms were readied last week while we were off.

I'm hoping that today I will also get some clothes sorting done and get started on my donations for the new tax year.  

Went thru a box of school notebooks from last year - tore out pages and have declared go the family that if they need to write a list or do scrap paper work they are to use one of book I've already told oldest they will be using since I refuse go buy another red notebook for AP history class when there are about 4-subjects left in this one. (This class has already taken a 3 sub & almost a 5 sub worth of notes in half a year)

I've been looking online for a planner for youngest - school didn't supply them this year and the one we tried (OSJobLot) isn't working well for this kiddo.  The only one I can find like the last 3 years I would need to order from a supply place and order a bunch (25 minimum). I found some printable a so I may do that until I can contact the supplier about getting Just 1, kinda plead with them.  
If the printable a work I will print a bunch and head to staples to have them coil bound.  I will talk to admin about why they stopped giving them to the kids - at least make the available if we want yo order them with their textbooks. 

That's it about with you?