Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2 down & 2 to go

Subbing this week....seems odd to sub after a winter break, but who am I to judge how people use their time if the school admins are ok with it.  
First 2 days are done and I'm beat!  I was looking forward to a relaxing. Igbo home Friday night, until hubby reminded me we have a dinner we have to go to.  Well, at least I don't have to cook - ha ha ha!
Saturday is a school sporting event for oldest.  These are all day things - last year the hosting school didn't have a great concessions either, so I will be packing good snacks for me and oldest.
Sunday we are the cooks at our church's soup kitchen, we like it but it's another commitment.  Do far my 1 NewYears resolution to not overbook weekends with hither & yon activities has been busted.   I must not get defeated!

On positive news, I pulled out my Aldi night face cream tonight and there was more in the jar than I recall.  This is really good, since the air has been so dry and icky lately.  I may slather it in on in daytimeI
 When I  don't have to be made up.  

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