Monday, January 9, 2017

Big day at Goodwill

Today after dropping the kids at school and picking up pet food at agway I made a stop at goodwill.  
Totally lucked out!  I was looking for some of the wire shelves that stack on each other...struck out.
Where I lucked out was, I got 7 sets of aluminum sock knitting needles - those are the ones where you use them in pairs and are pointy on both ends.  These were $.99 each - total deal, now I have to figure out if I'm going to learn to use them or send them to a friend that converts them into funky jewelry - anyhow they are great colors if I do send them out, I know she'll send me something cool from her collection.  

I also picked up another Wilton Armatell oval tray with scallop shell style handles. $3.99!   I got one as a wedding gift, found another at goodwill a few years ago and now have another.  Why do I need 3?  I might not but I use the 2 I gave a lot, they are great for serving right from the grill on - they retain heat nicely.  They are also great for cold appetizers since they stay cold if chilled first.  Plus they aren't huge.  

So while I didn't find my shelves I found another couple deals and I'm pretty happy!

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  1. Good job at Goodwill! I finally stepped into the one closest to me before the holidays when I was looking for Pyrex pie plates and struck out. Overall I wasn't very impressed with this particular store but I guess they are all hit or miss. Maybe I'll give them another try....