Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cooking ahead & a freebie

Did a bit of cooking today.  On the way home from dropping off at school, I stopped for a few things...Big Y has regular chickens not oven stuffer roasters on sale this week $.88/#.  I picked 1 up and a 3.5# pack of ground beef.  While the bird baked in a baking bag I browned and drained the beef, it's now in 2 quart baggies in the freezer, ready to be added to chili or sauce for a fast dinner.  The chicken will morph into a large chicken pot pie tomorrow.  Tasty little bird. May grab a couple more, bake them off and freeze for ready to go meals.

Dinner tonight was leftovers / on your own....as we were all going in different directions and there were plenty in the fridge. 

My freebie was a calendar at Big Y, near the exit with the coupons magazine.  Going to try using it for long range meal planning - like Carol @ CT on a Budget.  


  1. I never go to Big Y, while I am now closer, it remains out of the way for me. Nice to know that they are a source for freebie calendars, I ended up buying 3 this year, but since they are from Dollar Tree, I am only out $3.18. Aldi's didn't have calendars this year, and my Betty Crocker freebie came mid Jan, I assumed that I wasn't getting one.

  2. Great job on the cooking ahead! It's definitely something I need to try to do more with! And, I love the idea of long range meal planning! I'll have to check and see if my Big Y has any calendars out too!