Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finally all healthy

I really hope I didn't jinx it by typing it

I believe he germs have run their course through us all now.  Several boxes of Kleenex and DayQuil and gallons of soup and tea I think we are 'cured'

Now it's time to get back to frugal  activities with a vengeance.  We have to behave with $$ more carefully now.  We had an unexpected major expense, we had to replace hubs truck sooner than we planned.  The old one we ran for 15 years but it had become rather expensive to do so and was getting unreliable.  He did lots of research and found a 2016 new leftover at a leader who was super motivated to move it off the we got a really good deal....not as many bells and whistles as we might have gotten on a2017 but that's fine. The move up in the purchase timeframe just happened to line up with property taxes, tuition payment and insurance payments all in the same month.  A little juggling and belt tightening so we don't have to rely on credit cards - guess I'm cooking more (drat)

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  1. Glad every one is on the mend. You sound like you are handling everything with a smile.