Sunday, January 15, 2017

Long weekend

It's a 3 day weekend here!  Yay!
So nice that we have tomorrow off from school - kids will sleep in, I will attend to some laundry and paperwork until they wake up.
Just the usual stuff.

I actually have a big chunk of paperwork to sort through tomorrow - not my favorite task, but necessary.  I'm sure that most will get shredded.  Maybe with a little luck I can get to goodwill to drop  off the sack of outgrown clothes from Youngest's wardrobe.  Really wish that Salvation Army hadn't closed the store closest to us.  

Just the usual boring, trying to be as careful/mindful with spending as I can be.

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  1. Salvation Army closed here in my new city, leaving a real void. Sad. They had fairly recently redone the building/remodeling. I don't know if the LL or SA paid for the remodeling. Now it sits vacant, folks out of work.