Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Day - new start day

January 1,2017. 
What do I have planned for the day?  
Well, so far it's normal....trash out to bin, recycles to that bin, laundry washing away in the machine, dishwasher needed to be emptied and refilled.  

I'm subbing this week so on my plan is to look over the forecast and gather 4 outfits together for he week.  As with all post holiday vacations, re-entry to school is tough for my kids.  Their uniforms were readied last week while we were off.

I'm hoping that today I will also get some clothes sorting done and get started on my donations for the new tax year.  

Went thru a box of school notebooks from last year - tore out pages and have declared go the family that if they need to write a list or do scrap paper work they are to use one of book I've already told oldest they will be using since I refuse go buy another red notebook for AP history class when there are about 4-subjects left in this one. (This class has already taken a 3 sub & almost a 5 sub worth of notes in half a year)

I've been looking online for a planner for youngest - school didn't supply them this year and the one we tried (OSJobLot) isn't working well for this kiddo.  The only one I can find like the last 3 years I would need to order from a supply place and order a bunch (25 minimum). I found some printable a so I may do that until I can contact the supplier about getting Just 1, kinda plead with them.  
If the printable a work I will print a bunch and head to staples to have them coil bound.  I will talk to admin about why they stopped giving them to the kids - at least make the available if we want yo order them with their textbooks. 

That's it about with you?

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