Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm back...

Took a little time off from blog land.  It was very much needed - many things at home needed attention.  But I'm back a frugal as ever!  I have more to post soon....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Storm Diana

So, more winter weather today.....started earlier than the tv weather dudes it wrong of me to hope it chucks it down?  I could totally handle another snow day from school....or at least a 2 hour delay. 

I actually went into this weekend caught up on laundry....just did the 1 load and it's on the racks drying.  A very odd but good feeling.

Hubs started cleaning out his side of the closet but has left piles around and I have no idea what's what - it truly makes my OCD hurt.  So much so I've decided to but powerball and lottery tickets so if I win, I'm having a new bedroom added onto the house for me....that I can keep tidy and pile free.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thinking spring

I'm thinking about spring already....
I'm thinking about doing raised beds in the yard for a garden & starting to locate the materials needed to make a simple hoop house greenhouse for it - I'm not sure how I will build it but thinking is the first step....and pinteresting for ideas

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thunder snow?!

So, it's been steadily puking it down as the skiers say since early morning.  And thundering. It's officially a blizzard in my area.  The wind is howling across the yard.

I've been catching up on laundry and catching PBS on demand shows...
Oldest child works on an English paper and some calculus homework....
Youngest has puttered and cleared snow and snacking....
Hubs has done work stuff, and sorted papers for the house...

I see that Waterbury closed school for Friday too - we are no where near there but I still hope our school closes tomorrow too <insert sheepish grin>

I'm really loving not having to no out anywhere today!

Winter Storm Chris 2017

We have a snow day!!

Actually, I'm relieved....its been a rough week. Late nights, stressful days & busy kids.  

Biggest bonus was we got the call from school yesterday around 2pm there were no classes!  Sooo great go not have to wake up and watch the tv or wait for the call.

I usually am up at 5 am every slept until 7:30 - bliss!  

Hubs decided to work from home, so my idea of puttering on my pet projects goes down the tubes - "how can you spend time on that, when there is all this that needs to be done". So I'll dutifully finish my coffee and start on the washing and folding and housework drudgery.  

It's already getting deep enough that youngest went out to pre-clear a bit of the driveway (I think there was the desire to build a fort in the snow later so this could be a snow quality check)

Friday, February 3, 2017

A boring & frugal week

Totally a boring week here, but that made it frugal!
I had 2 rewards checks at Bob's totaling $20, youngest needed new sneakers so that combined with an on sale pair kept the price down.  
Dinners were simple too. Quickie stroganoff (with ground beef) and rice and veg, pasta, leftovers...last night was subway (sports) and grocery store pizza tonight 

A new Aldi opened nearby the kids school - I didn't go to the grand opening a too much chaos for me.  I will hit it next week though and see how it is.  It's much closer but still out of my way than the other ones - but if I have a list.  

PrepPing for crummy weather on the way this week.  Hopefully it doesn't mess up school this week - as in snow days