Friday, February 3, 2017

A boring & frugal week

Totally a boring week here, but that made it frugal!
I had 2 rewards checks at Bob's totaling $20, youngest needed new sneakers so that combined with an on sale pair kept the price down.  
Dinners were simple too. Quickie stroganoff (with ground beef) and rice and veg, pasta, leftovers...last night was subway (sports) and grocery store pizza tonight 

A new Aldi opened nearby the kids school - I didn't go to the grand opening a too much chaos for me.  I will hit it next week though and see how it is.  It's much closer but still out of my way than the other ones - but if I have a list.  

PrepPing for crummy weather on the way this week.  Hopefully it doesn't mess up school this week - as in snow days

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