Sunday, February 12, 2017

Storm Diana

So, more winter weather today.....started earlier than the tv weather dudes it wrong of me to hope it chucks it down?  I could totally handle another snow day from school....or at least a 2 hour delay. 

I actually went into this weekend caught up on laundry....just did the 1 load and it's on the racks drying.  A very odd but good feeling.

Hubs started cleaning out his side of the closet but has left piles around and I have no idea what's what - it truly makes my OCD hurt.  So much so I've decided to but powerball and lottery tickets so if I win, I'm having a new bedroom added onto the house for me....that I can keep tidy and pile free.


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  1. schools are already cancelling for tomorrow and late openings are being reported...not us yet. Guess I better go do the delay opening dance in the driveway