Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Storm Chris 2017

We have a snow day!!

Actually, I'm relieved....its been a rough week. Late nights, stressful days & busy kids.  

Biggest bonus was we got the call from school yesterday around 2pm there were no classes!  Sooo great go not have to wake up and watch the tv or wait for the call.

I usually am up at 5 am every slept until 7:30 - bliss!  

Hubs decided to work from home, so my idea of puttering on my pet projects goes down the tubes - "how can you spend time on that, when there is all this that needs to be done". So I'll dutifully finish my coffee and start on the washing and folding and housework drudgery.  

It's already getting deep enough that youngest went out to pre-clear a bit of the driveway (I think there was the desire to build a fort in the snow later so this could be a snow quality check)

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  1. Our school system called for no school yesterday evening as well. And, I definitely agree that it was nice to not have to get up and check! =) Hope you can sneak some puttering in today anyway!