Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Break time over

I took a really long break huh?  I. Sorry...somethings can't be helped
Lots of stuff going on at home that needed desperate attention.  Mostly kid related. Nothing earth shattering just I needed to do some heavily hands on parenting.  More on that in a bit...

Frugally speaking - it's been tough going. Trying to eat what's on hand and in freezer/pantry. Been doing quite well too.  I even managed to buy another corned beef to cook and turn into hash when they were on sale.  It's in the freezer now.  Hubby did one of his Sunday morning runs for donuts at the IGA and came home with 5 big packs of pork sirloin chops that were mismarked at $.89/#. That week's sale price was 1.29/# - still a good price.  They are all in the freezer.

Work wise - I'm still hunting a decent job down.  I subbed 3 times last week - not sure if it's really going to be a good gig for steady income unless I sign on to a couple more schools.  Resume is getting dusted off and I'm thinking of seeing what kind if help the state offers for resume writing assistance classes.  The return to frugality continues - as we found out doing the taxes, we may not get much help on the college front since we have a home and hubs has a job.  This is one of the biggest reasons for me to 'get a grownup job'. College tuition is $pendy!  Even at state schools or UCONN. And we both believe the living on campus is a very important part of the college experience.

Health - everyone survived the late winter first weeks of spring healthy enough - except for dear old mom.  Even though I got the flu shot in the fall - I got hit with the flu.  Like a freaking Mack truck!  Started after a Saturday of sitting in bleachers at a school sports event next day I was very tired and sore - thought it was from the day before.  Fever followed and a horrible cough.  Friday I dragged myself to the doctor and they did the chest X-ray, sent me home with the news it was most likely flu and if I had bone in on Monday/Tuesday I could gave gotten tamiflu - instead I got a bill toward my deductible, cough meds, and an inhaler - which I'm still using.  

Parenting -
Youngest has a 504 at school.  February found us having another team meeting because grades were in the toilet.  Come to find out one of the teachers doesn't think they need to follow one of the biggest accommodations and said so in the meeting even though this teacher had agreed to it in December.  They got in trouble for that.  So, as a result youngest is now seeing the ADHD dr monthly and trying to get stuff under control - the dr is thinking there could be a touch of depression involved as well because there is a 'dark cloud' about school and school related issues when meeting with kiddo.  
This required me to spend extra homework monitoring time and tutoring to keep kiddo up to speed in everything.

 Funny thing is I'm not a "my kid is a perfect angel special snowflake" parent - I've told teachers if my kid acts up and deserves detention - issue it, they'll serve it. I keep hoping this will be a one and done teaching experience for this one and they quit!

Soooo this spring is spent trying to arrange for academic testing (just to double check) without breaking the bank - our town won't pay or test since we aren't enrolled in their schools.  

I've been reading everyone's stuff as I get a chance....


  1. First of all, since the student is in their jurisdiction and under 21, the school system MUST test. Double check this! The teacher who did not follow the accommodations needs a slapping around. Seriously, she should get into trouble for this.

    Something that upped my days subbing...print a card with name and big "Substitute" on it. Put a cute apple or something on it and your phone number, preferably a cell phone. Then, put two cards into a small envelope and seal the 2 inches in the center. Make it easy to get into. Then, ask if they will put it in the teacher's mailbox. I was told to go ahead and do it. If you put the card in their mailbox, it will get lost, dropped in the hall or something. An envelope will be easier to hold onto. The teachers will be curious as to the contents. Then, they will have your card right in the front of the desk. I have found mine taped to their desk calendar, paper-clipped. The teacher can put the second card in a purse or leave at home. Do not address the envelope.

    I actually first got a cell phone so I would be available while I was on campus, out of town, or just not by the phone. Then, I carried the cell in my pocket, carrying it to parties. I was hoping the cell would get me enough sub days to pay for the phone. The first call I got was when I was 70 miles from home and for a week-long job. He needed me the next day, so by the time I got home to the answering machine at home, it would have been so late he would have gotten someone else, even if just for the next day.

  2. Linda, you are incorrect. I spent 30 years as a CT public school teacher, with a special needs child of my own. Once a child enrolls in private school, officially withdrawing from public schools, then no, the public schools are not at all obligated to perform any educational/psychological/cognitive/behavioral testing. The teacher who didn't follow a 504-that's a biggie, worth pursuing. I assume* that the teachers in the private schools also use an online substitute service. Long gone are the days of phoning in to get a sub. Even when I did have to call, I was calling a secretary to report an absence.

  3. Glad to see you are back!
    I'm sorry about the teacher and the 504! Hopefully she got reprimanded enough to comply moving forward! We had that happen last year with my oldest daughter where the teacher thought she knew better than what the 504 said....
    Good luck with the testing on your kiddo and helping him through the depression. Teenage years can be tough! Especially on special needs kids....

  4. So sorry you have been ill. Glad you are on the mend. I too hope this educator was reprimanded. 504 is in place for a reason.