Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Break

Kids are on vacation this week.  
I'm thinking of getting an Uber placard for my car with the amount of driving I will be doing....
I'm a little concerned how I will get anything on my list (deep clean and paperwork) accomplished since I will be driving around a lot.  Youngest still has practice this week - at the school, so I can make an Aldi run at least.

Oldest has been told that a summer job is on the plate of things to start finding, and prepping to write the giant 10 page English paper, and doing research for SAT & ACT dates.  Some classmates are spending break on college tours, but we are thinking UCONN since sciences or engineering are the things most interest has been shown in so far, and a really good science degree will mean Master's work - UCONN is good in both fields.  And we still have early summer to look.  

I really need to get going on the cleaning tomorrow and make a big dent in it - like a HUUUGE dent in it.  

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