Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back to normal routine - NOPE!

Grrrr.   WARNING! . This post is written in Whinese.

 I was all prepped for a return to normal routine of post April school break.  6 weeks left of academics.  Here's the scene....
Last night house was clean, last load of sheets in the dryer to be folded this morning (done).  Backpacks repacked for the week and ready to go at their designated spots.  Track bag packed for meet today after school even. I was in bed by 10 and ready to dream of a day where I could fold that last bit of laundry in quiet with a cup of coffee after getting home from morning drop off.  I also have about 100 calls to make today and was looking forwards to getting stuff done in the solitude & silence.


Here is the reality:
Got out if the house fine for the morning drop off.  Dishwasher started & running. Got home to find hubs has decided to hang out and work from home - which means no silence....he's on phone and he walks around on calls (which I have to be silent during because his headset mic is sensitive).
This also means when im trying to get stuff done there will be urgent questions that need answers from me.  So much for my quiet and productive day.  Im a person who craves quiet....there are constantly things that make noise all around me, appliances, people, cars. I purposefully don't have the radio or tv on for background noise when I'm home usually - if I need to know something I watch or listen and it goes off.  I also crave solitude where the phone isn't ringing and things aren't being requested.  


  1. OH! Definitely NOT how you wanted to start the week off! I like my routine and quiet during the week too so I could see how this was disrupting! =(

  2. I enjoy silence as well, more so as I get older. I rarely turn on the television during the day, and never listen to music. It's also gotten so I cannot bear having the radio on in the car. I also don't like people thinking that just because I am a SAHM, they have a claim to my time during the day. To that end, I generally do not answer the phone during the day. I figure if I had a job at say, a bank, I wouldn't be able to take personal calls, so why should I when I am going about my housework? Dh, though, is retired, and cannot bear to let the phone go to the machine, nor can he understand why I won't pick it up. It is, perhaps, one f the few sources if contention between us.

  3. Ex would take and MAKE calls from home. If I clinked a spoon on putting it in the dishwasher or baby whined, I got fierce looks and mouthing awful things to me. He could use a phone in another room or go to his office, but NOOOO, he had to be in the room with me and rule the house noise. And, there were only corded phones back then!