Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bathroom cleaning hack

I have a new favorite soap scum buster!  I can't get the family to switch from bar soap to shows gels.
It's a combo actually. 
Comet spray (lavender scent) and a plastic scrubby pad (the ones that look like brillos). I bought them originally for the kitchen but thought what the heck.  Awesome results!  No scratching, less scrubbing than with a brush and the rinse super clean!  I get the. At dollar tree.  2 bathrooms once a week they last about a month.  But at 6/$1 it's pretty good.  

I have to admit - we need to re-grout a bit if our master shower - it's a little stained so I used a little Clorox bowl cleaner on it with an old toothbrush, not perfect but much better.  It's getting re-grouted this summer.  

I even had enough energy left over to wash the painted walls and wipe the ceilings down.  When we renovated the bathrooms we opted for un-sanded ceilings (unlike the rest of the house) and we went with washable bathroom paint in a satin finish. Whew - super smart.  Now here are 2 rooms that are spring cleaned ready.

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