Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Halfway point of break

We've made it to the halfway point of break.  
Youngest has been hanging with friends - requiring me to cart to other homes.  I should start charging lie uber does....oldest has been gaming and sleeping and reading for the big amiercan lit paper due next month. 

I've been puttering, today was errands local - dropped youngest at a friends, hit the pet food store girl a specialty item and they were out, Walgreens for a refill, bank deposit, pick up papers for hubby at a friends office, home to get oldest for a stop at goodwill to see if they had a book needed (nope), off to vanity fair outlet for jeans for oldest (success 1 pair).  Tomorrow is some more errands and maybe Aldi if the morning errand doesn't absorb too much time.  Then it's off to Book Barn for the 2 books needed since I refuse to buy a novel for class at full price, considering it will never get used here again.  

Definately have a growing list for Aldi. Hoping to find some chocolate rabbits for the Easter baskets. 
If I can get the camera to cooperate I will post a picture...

I also have 5 -yes 5 pineapples to process tomorrow (dehydrater is ready and waiting).  They were in sale at BJs $2 each - hubs couldn't resist....but it's daunting!

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  1. Color me envious: Our eldest definitely did NOT do his reading on our spring break. Last night, (scho started back up Monday) found two of them scrambling to finish assignments. That eldest though, definitely doesn't put forth effort. I think he would rather chop wood than fill out a form. I find it very discouraging.