Sunday, April 9, 2017

Oh boy!

Well, this is all going to be interesting. 
This week just got more interesting and it's Sunday....decisions have been made in regards to time & money here.  

Decision 1 & 2 
$$  and Time
Last night I heard a scurrying and chewing noise in the attic - I walked around the outside of the house today Lookin g for how on earth they would have gotten in. Not even sure what up there but I'm not happy there is anything up there.  
So, instead of me doing the yard work and gutters thus spring, I'm paying the oldest to do it this week.  That way I can work on stuff inside the house so I can hopefully get up into the attic to see who is up there building a home.  
Hubs helped make this since he didn't hear the noise so it's not a biggie to him and he doesn't do ladders do the gutters are always my responsibility.  (Spending $$ to save time/accomplish more)

Decision 3 
I am listing some stuff on Facebook for sale - profits are going into my savings jar.  

Decision 4
Making up some freezer crockpot meal kits - spring sports will NOT ruin my grocery budget like winter sports almost did.  Getting home with hungry teens after practice means dinner needs to be scoop able into a bowl or plate do homework can begin.

Decision 5
Looking for a mulch sale - front beds will need to be remulched desperately. While I would rather use pea gravel it's so much more expensive I can't justify it.

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