Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ready for a really frugal week

I've geared up for a super frugal week.  It's another busy week coming up.  

I head back into battle with the guidance dpartment since this 1 teacher is really being a pain about following the established 504 plan for the youngest.  I'm ready to ask them to fire this teacher.  The breaks aren't being allowed, the seating arrangement isn't followed & moved the assigned seat again and extended deadline for homework has been removed - says "I'm not doing that for any others, I'm not making exceptions for 1".   
I HATE this teacher.  
Refusing to accept what modern education experts and Drs say about ADHD is sooo wrong.  All the assessments we've had done and $$$ spent and this 1 teacher is stoking the fire to derail all the hard work by my kid over years.  The desire to go to school is gone, the enjoyment is gone, being reprimanded and called on the carpet in front of the class has squashed it.  

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  1. What that teacher is doing is illegal! She should be fired. Please assure your child this will end. Your child should walk straight to the office and call you. You should explain this will happen to the principal! IEPs are all about exceptions! Document all that has happened.