Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Called in to work tomorrow.  Nice!  
Already have my clothes together, lunches packed. Just hope I can get kids out of the house on time.  

As I've been cleaning my closet I realize I may need to do a capsule wardrobe thing.  It could simplify my getting dressed to teach greatly.  Since I have something at the end of school - it will be a slacks  & sweater day.  Need to sort out the other days tomorrow night, mostly since it's hectic in the mornings here.

Moms cannot live in jeans alone!  Well, we could, if we didn't sub-teach.  That's ok.  I just hate to shop for clothes, it's a little tedious and makes me edgy - not fun.  

Well if I don't get to sleep - I won't get up in time

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