Saturday, April 15, 2017

Shocking housing costs

That's shocking money amounts...

A little bout of insomnia last night had my mind wandering.....

Just out of curiosity I did a little apartment shopping in the area of the kids school.  Just to see what costs are for renters....I know what our mortgage is and our house is furnished....but if someone was just starting out or starting over what kind of cash would they need on hand to get into a place.  

Our church usually helps get someone (newly out of homelessness) set up in an apartment with furniture & kitchen stuff so I know that stuff kinda...I always donate mugs and a new tea kettle & teas or coffee pot & coffees at least.  

Back to housing....holy shite!  Talk about a chunk of cash a person needs to have at the ready to get keys!  
Two on Craigslist looked decent 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms back patio area single floor.  I know where it is too. Older complex, almost looks like it would have been elderly housing in the early 80s.  The other was old navy housing that's been converted to affordable housing.  Townhouse style half a duplex 2bdrm/1.5 ba.  Each right around $1200/month with no utilities.  
Both wanted first and last months rent and one had a security as well but that $number wasn't listed.  
Neither had laundry - but had hookups.  Just from my own adventures to the laundromat when our washer was down taught me a family of 4 conservatively can spend $25-30 to have clean clothes, towels & sheets each week. How would you ever save for a basic washer while using the laundromat?

So, bottom line $2400+ to get keys!  Then there are the moving would anyone ever get it together with a basic minimum wage retail type job?  What if there were kids in the mix?  It's kinda sad.  

Affordable housing is really something that there is a shortage of & it makes me feel bad for people.  


  1. And I'd add that those figures are CHEAP compared to Fairfield county. I moved to the city, for many reasons, including reducing my cost of living. I have "cheap" rent in a really nice, 12 y.o townhouse condo @ $2500/month. Yup, had to come up with $7500 just to get keys as you put it. I was paying "cheap" rent in my former town, for a 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath 1970's Colonial @ $3000/month.

    1. Holy Moly! We used to live in Fairfield County and I remember it being outrageous but wow! I have a colonial 3 bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bath house, about 1700 sq ft on 1/2 acre and my mortgage isn't even that much including taxes! Eye opening for sure!

  2. Carol/CTMom. I font normal curse on my blog but HOLY SHIT! That's a big chunk of cash.....

    1. yes, I stayed in my now former town, until the kids graduated HS, part of the divorce decree. I downsized this past June.