Saturday, April 15, 2017

Simple Easter Baskets

As the kids get older it gets easier.
The obligatory chocolate rabbit, Hershey eggs and Reese's eggs, robins egg bubblegum and NO peeps this year - couldn't get my hands on plain original yellow chicks (I only went to 2places though)
Kiddos needed some additions to their wardrobes so that's what we did.  Oldest is getting some new golf shirts ($2/kohls Xmas clearance) & youngest wanted a specific kind of pants (plus just got expensive new sprinter spikes 2 weeks ago). Simple.

Kinda miss the days when I could whip up an Easter basket full of fun things like new crayons, frisbee and coloring books but this is good since I know they don't wake us up at the crack of dawn yo hunt for plastic eggs.


  1. When my girls were young, I bought fairy large wicker baskets lined with linen designs (different design for each girl). It worked out so well and were super easy to fill.....when they were younger! Now, at 18 & almost 15, it is way harder to fill! And we are talking GIRLS - face masks, hair products, makeup, etc. I supposed I could stop with the baskets but, well, as long as they live here I'm doing baskets! LOL Have a nice Easter! =)

  2. I went to Easter paper bags a while back, buying 2/$1 at Dollar tree and reusing them later. No plastic grass that I dispise either. My youngest are 18, dd almost 25 and can't eat a lot of chocolate/candy in general and older DS is almost 23 so this year is the first without baskets or bags. A simple baked shank ham dinner using a fzn ham, fresh asparagus and whipped potatoes, canned corn, green bean casserole with canned beans. Using up pantry ingredients in the process, it's awesome with the impending move and my dwindling finances. Happy Easter!