Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Squeeee. Deal for meeee!!!!

Today was another busy day for me.  All in the name of a bargain....
First stop an appointment $0
Second stop Goodwill (different from yesterday). Looking for those 3 books oldest needs - struck out but there is something to be said for getting there when the store opens - much tidier and less crowded.  That's where I found today's big bargain for $1.99.  A new to me creative memories wavy paper cutter!  Such a deal since its discontinued and the blades are razor sharp!  I have this one already but it's blades aren't as sharp. 
Third stop Aldi.  $91!  Ouch!!  But we were out of so many things OJ, butter, block cheese, sugar and because it's April break chips/snacky crackers & yogurt.  Also grabbed a box of kiwis @2.99  there's 7-8 in the box.  
Fourth stop was book barn - a used book stores (several buildings) on the shore off I95. Found the 3 books needed for a total of $6. Way cheaper than Amazon 


  1. Oooh! The creative memories cutter IS a steal! I bought one many years ago and I can tell you I paid WAAY more than $1.99! =)

  2. I know the book barns you speak of!