Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What pushes your buttons?

Nothing frugal to report.  Nothing hugely frugal that is....I replaced my lost umbrella at dollar general today for $8.50. I hope this will hold up ok as my car umbrella.  Tomorrow's dinner will be pasta and meat sauce. Oldest and I have a college planning presentation to attend. Hubby has a meeting. Youngest will gave to Go to either.  

On the school news front - after being told to "just get it all sorted out" I emailed rather than called.  That made hubby mad and has been on my case about how I mishandled it all and now it's a bigger deal than it needed to be....and youngest is flipping out about it too....so I'm the "stupid idiot" for asking for a list of assignments so the rest of the term can finish up without late or missing work.  Huge angry words around here - exhausted from trying to try and teach youngest how to manage all this just so passing grades happen (not even high ones - just pass)

Feeling like a very tired ostrich - just want to bury my head in the sand 


  1. Wow. I am sorry that things have taken this turn and toll on you. You are not stupid or an idiot. Sometimes relinquishing to the child to flounder a bit is ok. We as parents sometimes have to let them fall. Not that it is coming to that, but I don't want a fellow Mom to feel so tired and mentally bruised.

  2. When I was in the second grade, a month before school ended, my mother was told my brother in the first grade would fail. Back then, over 50 years ago, things were different in the communication department. But, my mother had not gotten any report that he was deficient. So, my mother asked for everything he did not know. She made the effort to make sure he knew everything he had not learned. He passed. He was actually a very smart child, but somehow the teacher was not measuring up since my mother was on top of our homework and grades.

    I think an email was the best tactic. There is now a record of your asking with no mistake about what was said, when, or what was requested.

    If your husband is calling you a stupid idiot, he needs to back off and apologize! Tell him I said so.

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