Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Plumber report

The plumber came today.  Good news it's not the up-pump in the laundry room....that's a savings since those pumps aren't cheap.  

Plumber thinks the drain & pipe out to the septic tank needs to be snaked or rotor rooted....hub wants to do it himself - I want him to call someone.  

Looks like since the septic tank needs pumping that happens Tuesday - I'm going to see who the reccomend for this service

My head is spinning from it all.  Never ends!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Down the frugal drain

Quite literally....
We might be opening pandoras  box tomorrow - I had to call the plumber! (Insert crying emoji face here)

After coming home from school today I noticed that there was a lot of water in the laundry room floor.  Not good at all.  Thankfully all our clothes are washed for the week - not sure if it's the drain, the up flow pump or the water treatment (hard water) berm tank.  This has been a problem for a couple months, but we have a high water table, a 1960s era foundation and the gutters needed cleaning a couple weekends back - add that to the rain lately.  The fact our sump pump well was dry didn't make me feel better at all.  3 shop vac canisters of water later.....those were dumped into sump pump pit/well and it did its job of removing it.... 

Considering the floor drains In the laundry and furnace area seemed to be draining to it fine.  I'm testing that tomorrow with 5 gallons of water in each drain before the plumber comes tomorrow afternoon.  

So much for a low spend week.  

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Remember it's a day to remember the fallen!  They marched, fought and died on rainy damp days - today's youth can march in a parade to honor them.  We had our small parade in town this morning.  School band didn't March since they didn't want the instruments getting wet. The Boy Scouts & Some Cub Scouts marched...didn't see 1 Girl Scout or Brownie though - no youth sports teams either.  Makes for a fast parade. 

Hubby is relaxing with his WWII movies, one kid is napping, one is studying & mom is doing laundry & am going to spend some time later on the computer doing a bit of catch paperwork

No picnics planned for us this year - fine by me!  It's damp and chilly out there today.

The week ahead looks to be a little on the busy side - nothing like last week so I'm thrilled!  

Should be easy to stay frugal with it not being crazy busy

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Frugal activities....

We've been frugal here - mostly becasue I've been super busy and haven't had much time to do un frugal activities.  Didn't even go to the grocery store once this week.  Hubby stopped at Aldi and the bread store but didn't go crazy with shopping. 

This will be exam week for my kiddos - all short days at school.  That means no rushing around to plan dinners and no sports practices!  

I do have some appointments to plan out and some necessary paperwork to attend to. Oldest is going to make a list of colleges to visit and hopefully we can start that process along with securing a summer job.  

I have a feeling that this summer is going to fly by faster than the others before it.

I've also been updating my resume - very hard after being out of the work world for as long as I have.  The idea of applying for a retail job is more attractive every day.  But I know it won't pay what I need, I'm thinking the semi-flexibility might be nice.

Today is laundry and nap day for me.  Tomorrow brings parades and studying for the kids.  We are usually super low key on Memorial Day weekend on purpose.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The busy home stretch!

We are in the super busy home stretch of the school year.  Spring concert complete!  Class field trips are done.
Last full week of classes, final projects due &  exam prep begins.  Only two more sports events to go.  
It's going to be busy for us - but I think we can do it.  I'm committing myself to eating home all week and during exam week too.  Which will mean a trip to Aldi & maybe Shoprite.  

I'm really looking forward to the end of the school year.  

Summer will be a whirlwind of college visits and prepping for that process with the oldest child.  So far I don't think we will be leaving New Enland for visits.  

Youngest has application to tech high school ready to turn into guidance office. Always tricky since they are doing schedules and if acceptance to tech doesn't happen we still need to be sure there are good classes for next year.  It's always a balancing act with this kiddo - but they know about the struggles in classes & unhappiness that is because of it - so school shouldn't be surprised.  
Sports & band are the only draws to stay now.  

Routine maintenance

Today was AC service day!  We don't use a company anymore. We know an HVAC guy who does side work - he's been servicing our unit a few years, lives in town & way more reasonable than the company we used in the past.  The old company used to charge a fee to drive out to us and a minimum 2 man + 1 hour minimum to come out.  Used to run $350 for them to drive into my driveway.  
Our local guy is 1/2 that and he even goes into the attic to see if everything is ok with the ducts and checks all the filters!  The company was charging extra to check inside filters.  

So we are all set for the next heatwave!  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shoprite trip

Had to make a fast run in this morning.....
Picked up sale blueberries, apples, huge green pepper, romaine hearts and 85% ground beef
Not on sale frozen mango chunks, butter (ran totally out) and broccoli crown

Came home and did a fridge clean - all tidy and sparkly. Made quinoa and roasted broccoli salad (didn't dress it though). Steamed some yellow squash that was getting soft - will purée for Mac & cheese sauce.  

Paperwork and getting ready to head over pickup and haircut for oldest we youngest goes to track.

Tonight it's sloppy joes so I'll have to get some tater tots I guess....stopping at Walmart for those since I have to hit the pharmacy.  

It's all good in the hood so to speak!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


I love smoothies!  I've tried some of the healthy protien ones, as breakfast replacements, since I'm not a big eater in the morning.  I haven't been impressed at all by them, they're either to sweet, not satisfying or too high in calories.  And I refuse to spend the $$ on shakeology - no matter how yummy it may be.    I thought I found THE ONE by kashi a couple months ago - a vegan one - macha madness.  It was good when blended with water and frozen fruit or almond milk and fruit.  Now I can't locate it except Amazon.  

A high school friend ENO is a nutrition coach advised I try hemp protien (since I didn't care for whey taste/texture and try to avoid soy)

Ring the bells! I think I have found a winner!  Plain hemp protien powder.  I bought Bob's Red Mill since I know their products and like them.  

This morning I added 1/4 cup to 1 cup frozen chopped kale, 1/3 cup frozen raspberries & 1 cup pineapple juice & 1/2 cup water.  Blended in the ninja and YUM!  No weird aftertaste, chalkyness or texture. 
And that was almost 2 hours ago - not starving.    

Others I want to try (I don't add sugar/sweetener)
frozen banana, cocoa powder, peanut butter and almond milk 
Mango &  black chai tea
Kale, spicy V8 and cucumber
Instant coffee, almonds, cocoa powder& coconut milk

I'll let you know how they turn out

Is it Monday yet?

I've never thought I would wish for a weekend to end - but here goes...I'm wishing it!

Over all things have been frugal here....this week, no out of the ordinary expenses - just the normal stuff - working on eating from the pantry and freezer as much as possible - mostly to curb my trips to the grocery store but also really trying to keep an eye on waste.   I did run to get burger buns to the IGA - I could never do all my shopping there for a week - way too costly.  Burgers were in the freezer here already.  No clothing items bought by me this week, just 1 trip to dollar tree for Mother's Day cards and a soda for me.  Purposefully didn't walk the store to see what else was needed. I had a mission to not go over the $5 bill I had in my purse.

I've spent time this week doing laundry, errands, meals - school and sports runs.  More of the daily stuff.  

Add in there in anticipation of today's nor'easter rains I had to clean the gutters yesterday after school since hubs went away for the weekend.  He went away last weekend too and with the rain last Thursday & Friday and the finally high water table I spent last Saturday morning cleaning up water in the basement laundry room etc.  the gutters on the house needed a complete clean - since he just unplugs the gutters where the problem plug of pine needles gathers - I try to get up on the ladder atleast in the fall and earlier spring to do the length of them not just the spot where the backup occurs.  
I knew I would be at sports with youngest all daylong  today so didn't want to come home to water again.  Thankfully oldest was willing to help by holding the ladder and dumping the buckets of pine needles & leaves so I wasn't hanving to go up and down while holding those.  Afterwards we attacked a shrub bed mercilessly to pull out and cut back as much bittersweet vine as possible - we kidded the window for digging it out I think.

After all day in the damp & chill I came home for more laundry etc.  and a quick nap while i tried to warm up.  Bonus I didn't cook - heated up premade lasagna for me and kids.  I had all kinds of ideas for puttering projects - but nothing happened since I wanted to watch a Netflix movie and I fold clothes in the bedroom....the only tv we can watch Netflix on is the living room.  

Tonight was also prom for oldest, who decided NOT to attend saying it was way too much $$ and the only date interest was asked by another friend in the group.  "Just losers go stag mom". Kiddo doesn't seem to bugged about it - but will be feeling left out come Monday because of the jokes & not knowing what happened.  husband said we shouldn't have forced the issue to attend with another as just friends - I disagree.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I won't be seeing mine since she has a church thing - husband wants to take his parents out for dinner - so celebrating will be then.

Then. It's Monday!!  Only 24 more hrs!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

PBS Victorian Slum House Series

Have you seen it?  
Can you imagine?  I'm amazed  as many survived.  Just the worry alone would send you to an early grave.  If you get a chance take a look!

Monday, May 8, 2017

A few new abbreviations (colorful)

It's the end of the school year and with that brings me to using certain colorful language that might be offensive, I'm feelin salty dear readers....feel free to use these liberally. If they make you laugh or resonate with you I'm glad. 

Language warning!!!!  

AH - Asshat - a noun.  Mostly used when someone has their head so far up their rear end.
AHY - Asshattery - decriptive. Shenanigans that are performed by an AH or group of them. Similar to a cluster&@€#
DT - Douchetard  a noun - an individual similar to the DBag but not nearly as smart....yet equally as frustrating if not more (heard at school from a senior - asked what?)
FFS - For Frigs Sake (use your own expletive). This is usually reserved for the truly exasperating moments when you just don't have time for anyone's crappola. Borrowed from Gordon Ramseys Hells Kitchen show.  

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finally recovered from last week

I had every intention of having a super frugal week last week - honest!  

Kinda failed.

Monday went well.  No money spent, day was at home doing laundry & such

Tuesday not so well, started in the morning with the discovery that our extremely food driven Guinea pig didn't want to eat anything and looked lethargic.  Call & visit to vet meant big $$ for visit, shot and meds for home.  Got her home, bathed her bottom (possibly uti) blow dry (enjoyed) and had to force feed her with a syringe (pellet mush). Band and sports after school added to the stress of the day - thankfully leftovers were on for dinner.
Wednesday more stress with feedings & kids after school stuff - cooked dinner though
Thursday - piggy going downhill fast and I had to be at school most of the day.  Call to vet, "quality of life blah blah -Probably if meds aren't helping by now....possible tumor."  Cooked again!  
Tearful feeding sessions for me, oldest spent loads of holding time and discussion & acceptance to see what the next day would bring.
Friday morning, she was gone, in her favorite bed all snuggled up. Very sad start for all of us - especially for oldest who had an AP exam that morning.
Saturday we held a little funeral.  

The whole thing was just so sad and awful.  We still have 1 piggy who we are giving extra attention too since she's the same age and they were cagemates. I hope we don't have to go through this again, but know we will someday.  Kids are sad, especially oldest since this one was their pick.  

I'm SOOO ready for a new week!