Monday, May 8, 2017

A few new abbreviations (colorful)

It's the end of the school year and with that brings me to using certain colorful language that might be offensive, I'm feelin salty dear readers....feel free to use these liberally. If they make you laugh or resonate with you I'm glad. 

Language warning!!!!  

AH - Asshat - a noun.  Mostly used when someone has their head so far up their rear end.
AHY - Asshattery - decriptive. Shenanigans that are performed by an AH or group of them. Similar to a cluster&@€#
DT - Douchetard  a noun - an individual similar to the DBag but not nearly as smart....yet equally as frustrating if not more (heard at school from a senior - asked what?)
FFS - For Frigs Sake (use your own expletive). This is usually reserved for the truly exasperating moments when you just don't have time for anyone's crappola. Borrowed from Gordon Ramseys Hells Kitchen show.  


  1. I wonder if we can ever keep up with kids and their new words which they make up to keep us off track.

  2. Thank you for the laugh this morning! You know I can definitely relate with what has been taking place at my daughter's high school! ;)