Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finally recovered from last week

I had every intention of having a super frugal week last week - honest!  

Kinda failed.

Monday went well.  No money spent, day was at home doing laundry & such

Tuesday not so well, started in the morning with the discovery that our extremely food driven Guinea pig didn't want to eat anything and looked lethargic.  Call & visit to vet meant big $$ for visit, shot and meds for home.  Got her home, bathed her bottom (possibly uti) blow dry (enjoyed) and had to force feed her with a syringe (pellet mush). Band and sports after school added to the stress of the day - thankfully leftovers were on for dinner.
Wednesday more stress with feedings & kids after school stuff - cooked dinner though
Thursday - piggy going downhill fast and I had to be at school most of the day.  Call to vet, "quality of life blah blah -Probably if meds aren't helping by now....possible tumor."  Cooked again!  
Tearful feeding sessions for me, oldest spent loads of holding time and discussion & acceptance to see what the next day would bring.
Friday morning, she was gone, in her favorite bed all snuggled up. Very sad start for all of us - especially for oldest who had an AP exam that morning.
Saturday we held a little funeral.  

The whole thing was just so sad and awful.  We still have 1 piggy who we are giving extra attention too since she's the same age and they were cagemates. I hope we don't have to go through this again, but know we will someday.  Kids are sad, especially oldest since this one was their pick.  

I'm SOOO ready for a new week!


  1. So sad. My DD has two Guinea pigs as well. She loves those little beast, so I can imagine hiw sad your kids are. I am sorry.

  2. I can totally understand how you all feel. I still miss my cat who has been gone 2 years now. They are family. I am very sorry.