Sunday, May 14, 2017

Is it Monday yet?

I've never thought I would wish for a weekend to end - but here goes...I'm wishing it!

Over all things have been frugal here....this week, no out of the ordinary expenses - just the normal stuff - working on eating from the pantry and freezer as much as possible - mostly to curb my trips to the grocery store but also really trying to keep an eye on waste.   I did run to get burger buns to the IGA - I could never do all my shopping there for a week - way too costly.  Burgers were in the freezer here already.  No clothing items bought by me this week, just 1 trip to dollar tree for Mother's Day cards and a soda for me.  Purposefully didn't walk the store to see what else was needed. I had a mission to not go over the $5 bill I had in my purse.

I've spent time this week doing laundry, errands, meals - school and sports runs.  More of the daily stuff.  

Add in there in anticipation of today's nor'easter rains I had to clean the gutters yesterday after school since hubs went away for the weekend.  He went away last weekend too and with the rain last Thursday & Friday and the finally high water table I spent last Saturday morning cleaning up water in the basement laundry room etc.  the gutters on the house needed a complete clean - since he just unplugs the gutters where the problem plug of pine needles gathers - I try to get up on the ladder atleast in the fall and earlier spring to do the length of them not just the spot where the backup occurs.  
I knew I would be at sports with youngest all daylong  today so didn't want to come home to water again.  Thankfully oldest was willing to help by holding the ladder and dumping the buckets of pine needles & leaves so I wasn't hanving to go up and down while holding those.  Afterwards we attacked a shrub bed mercilessly to pull out and cut back as much bittersweet vine as possible - we kidded the window for digging it out I think.

After all day in the damp & chill I came home for more laundry etc.  and a quick nap while i tried to warm up.  Bonus I didn't cook - heated up premade lasagna for me and kids.  I had all kinds of ideas for puttering projects - but nothing happened since I wanted to watch a Netflix movie and I fold clothes in the bedroom....the only tv we can watch Netflix on is the living room.  

Tonight was also prom for oldest, who decided NOT to attend saying it was way too much $$ and the only date interest was asked by another friend in the group.  "Just losers go stag mom". Kiddo doesn't seem to bugged about it - but will be feeling left out come Monday because of the jokes & not knowing what happened.  husband said we shouldn't have forced the issue to attend with another as just friends - I disagree.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I won't be seeing mine since she has a church thing - husband wants to take his parents out for dinner - so celebrating will be then.

Then. It's Monday!!  Only 24 more hrs!!

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