Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Remember it's a day to remember the fallen!  They marched, fought and died on rainy damp days - today's youth can march in a parade to honor them.  We had our small parade in town this morning.  School band didn't March since they didn't want the instruments getting wet. The Boy Scouts & Some Cub Scouts marched...didn't see 1 Girl Scout or Brownie though - no youth sports teams either.  Makes for a fast parade. 

Hubby is relaxing with his WWII movies, one kid is napping, one is studying & mom is doing laundry & am going to spend some time later on the computer doing a bit of catch paperwork

No picnics planned for us this year - fine by me!  It's damp and chilly out there today.

The week ahead looks to be a little on the busy side - nothing like last week so I'm thrilled!  

Should be easy to stay frugal with it not being crazy busy

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