Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shoprite trip

Had to make a fast run in this morning.....
Picked up sale blueberries, apples, huge green pepper, romaine hearts and 85% ground beef
Not on sale frozen mango chunks, butter (ran totally out) and broccoli crown

Came home and did a fridge clean - all tidy and sparkly. Made quinoa and roasted broccoli salad (didn't dress it though). Steamed some yellow squash that was getting soft - will purée for Mac & cheese sauce.  

Paperwork and getting ready to head over pickup and haircut for oldest we youngest goes to track.

Tonight it's sloppy joes so I'll have to get some tater tots I guess....stopping at Walmart for those since I have to hit the pharmacy.  

It's all good in the hood so to speak!

1 comment:

  1. Must be a tater tot kind of night! I decided we would have burgers and tots for dinner. =)