Wednesday, June 28, 2017

50% Off....still too costly

I finally unpacked my shorts from last year and tried them all on.  They are divided into 5 piles....
Lose 10 pounds, lose 5 pounds, only wear for housework/yard work, safe to wear in public, and donate

The housework/yard work pile is the biggest and the safe to wear in public is the smallest (2 pair)

I was thrilled to see in my email that Eddie Bauer was having a 50% off sale in shorts.  Thought I could pick up 2 pairs and further cull to increase the donate pile.  

When did $32.50 for a pair of khaki shorts become an acceptable sale price?  Seriously!!  

I will be hitting goodwill with a bag of donations this morning and a good attitude - hoping to find something decent and WAY less expensive.  And since I have to go to East Hartford tomorrow - I will hit the Savers in Manchester and Newington too.   No way am I spending $32.50 or even $20 on a pair of shorts.  Especially since I'm trying to fit into the lose 5 & 10 pound piles.

Grrr - all those tasty winter snacks got me where it hurts this pocketbook.

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  1. I am waiting for Talbots shorts to go down to $19.99 then I will get a few more pairs. I have some pretty ratty ones also. Gardening and cleaning and life just ruin my clothes. But you can get great summer blouses at K-mart for under 10.00 I then shorten the sleeves.