Friday, June 23, 2017

7 days - cooking for 1 plans

Hubs and kiddos are going away next week....meaning I'm cooking for 1.  A couple years ago I lived on ice cream and bowls of cereal or pasta salad during this annual week.  It was oddly blissful.

This year I'm trying to be healthier....
I will make roasted/grilled veggies.
As I inventoried the freezer I found bag of frozen cocktail size shrimp.  Those will be turned into scampi over zoodles and shrimp taco salad.  
Also found 2 lunches worth of vegetarian chili I made in January - served over brown rice they become dinner for 2 nights.
I already have planned a take out meal treat of my favorite bruschetta salad from an Italian joint we like.  It's an appetizer but huge!  It has garlic bread in it and mozzarella but it's my blow the diet meal. 
I'm going to also try making a few avocado deviled eggs (2) to have with lunch (leaf based salads). I don't know if I can get them down though...
I'm going to try eating eggs for breakfasts - we have a lot of them & I need to try to increase protien and decrease carbs as much as possible this week.  And trying the banana egg pancakes Sunday for lunch. And there is also fruit and yogurt as an option (or dessert). 
And I have plenty of hummus too.
I'm still going to have my berry, kale & hemp shakes - I skipped this morning and felt off all day...

As I looked through the freezer and pantry - I only need to hit Shoprite for some veggies and fruit.  Since I don't drink milk, I'm not buying it this week - then I'm not temped to eat cereal either.   

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