Monday, June 19, 2017

Aldi top off

Since errands with the youngest took me past Aldi on the way home - we made a stop.  And we needed lettuce for the Guinea pig and milk & bread for us.

$68 later and we were back on the road home.  Some highlights of today's adventure....
2 boxes of foxy strawberries $1.29 /ea (wishing I bought more they're awesome)
2 bags fresh baby spinach $1.49/ea super nice looking (thinking of using 1 in a salad with the above berries and some candied walnuts)
1 bag of romaine hearts 2.99
2 cantaloupes 1.49/ea
2 big broccoli crowns 1.99/ bagged
2 bags of frozen cherries & blackberries 2.39/ea. (For my smoothies should see me through end of July or mid August)
3 cartons of 'the good' OJ (their version of premium with no pulp)
1gal of milk
Rice cakes
Pork rinds (yuck - youngest was dying for these)
Jar of green olives
Can of coconut milk
Lea&Perrins worchester sauce 
Lemon juice
2 containers of hummus
2 bags of fine shredded sharp cheddar
4 blocks of cheddar
1 loaf of bread (PB & J and grilled cheeses = fast lunch)
Tub of honey wheat pretzels 

Thus should get us through the week fine. They leave for summer camp on Sunday so then it's easy cook meals (read salads or zoodles with garlic shrimp) for me!!!  Yay!

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