Saturday, June 17, 2017

Determined Healthyness

So, last month I wrote about hemp protien.  I bought some Bob's Red Mill unflavored/unsweetened hemp protien powder at the reccomendation of a former schoolmate who is a health coach.

I've been dealing with low iron for about a year.  Hoping to avoid more prescriptions and trips to the pharmacy - as well as regular blood draws to check that level (dr wanted monthly draws) I talked them into letting me try it with dietary adjustments.  

One of them has been smoothies (in addition to eating more iron rich foods). 
First I loved them!  Fruit and dark green leafy veggies into a frosty drink!  Yum!  Totally calorie rich & sugar rich...hence the health coach call.  She suggested adding protien powder - a vegan option since I get tummy trouble with whey protien and don't want to try soy (too much isn't good for you).  Enter the world of pea protien powder and hemp.  Hemp was my first choice, lots of fiber and clean flavor although it's GREEN!  

Luckily we have a ninja blender thing which makes fast work of pulverising things like kale and spinach.  
I drink one green shake daily. And am going to up it to two this week.

Today is a winner day on the smoothie train.  
1/4 c hemp powder 
5 medium strawberries
1 1/4 c frozen chopped kale (blends easier and eliminates need for ice)
1/2 lemon (peeled like an orange)
6 oz OJ 
6 oz water
1 tsp coconut oil

I've also done this with cold green tea chai (no milk) instead of juice & water.  

I'm definately getting my vitamin c and the protien boost (14grams) helps with my hunger pangs.  

This week I'm trying a spicy V8, hemp, kale & cucumber adventure for the afternoon shake - sort of gazpacho themed. Celery may make an appearance. 

Other things I've added when remember are a tablespoon of chia seeds slacked in a 1/2 cup of water - not sure if I really enjoyed that.

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