Thursday, June 8, 2017

Aldi Trip

Errands near hubby's office had me stop in at Aldi since I was close and were out of lettuce for the GP.
Usually romaine hearts are 1.99.... Today they were 2.99!  Had to get them since the other lettuce looked iffy and GP can't eat iceberg.  
Also found a few other items needed/desired....
Blueberries .99/pint (bought 3 since I'm thinking of making pancakes tomorrow)
Cantaloupe .99/each. Only got 1 since I suck at picking them out usually 
Ice cream - love their butter pecan. 2.39/tub. bought 2 tubs
Green & yellow squash 2.99/6. Planning to grill them
Red & yellow peppers 3/1.69 (GP eats them too)
Raw unsalted Almonds are back at my go to price $4.99/bag. Bought 2. 
Garbage bags and a gallon of vinegar rounded out the list since that's all we needed....

Not bad - I purposefully stayed away from the cheese and cereal sections...was feeling snackish and didn't want to risk an impulse buy.

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