Friday, June 30, 2017

Five Frugal Things Friday

Still trying to be good about not spending unless necessary ..... Did pretty good this week 

1-Cleaned house big time - found a new cleaner recipie for the shower - love it more than the others...
2 oz dawn, 4 oz bottled lemon juice, 8 oz white vinegar, 10 oz hot water. Spray on & wipe off!  Almost no effort (extra rubbing) required and I had everything here!

2-Bought new shorts for me at Savers $6.49 vs $15-$20 at Walmart/Target and $32 at Eddie Bauer

3-Only bought essentials (veg, fruit & milk) at grocery 

4-Are all meals home - no takeout. 

5-Fixed microwave door and shower door repair man fees for this chicky

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