Saturday, June 3, 2017

Five Frugal Things Returns

I like that Tracybee at Just Keep Swimming Mama Fish is getting back to an older format of hers that seemed to work for her.  I like it so much I'm gonna give it a try too.

Here are the five frugal things I did this week.

1 bought a new muffin pan at a tag sale last Saturday for $1. Doesn't look like it's ever ever been used.  Will try it out since my only 12 opening one (had since finishing college) can only be used with paper liners.

2 stopped for a quick essentials trip at Aldi - stuck to just essentials too AND got to redeem an ibotta rebate - only a quarter but that cool - they add up. 

3 brought my own coffee and water on the road with me - no Dunkin stops until today for a small hot coffee and my free donut. 

4 cooked dinner each night this week - from foods in the freezer.  

5 bought wiper blades for my Prius at BJs so hubby can replace them - $10 each vs $19 each at the dealership.  

Baby steps are all I can muster this week....things are very hectic here this week

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