Monday, June 5, 2017

Part of the basement water mystery

Saturday I went to the local rent-all place and rented the power snake that hubby asked me to get. 
When he got home yesterday he snaked the gray water line to the septic clean out point (before the tank). It's kind of a Y part comes from the bathrooms and Y from the laundry, kitchen sink/dishwasher converging to a common pipe to the tank.  

He snaked it and lots of gunk vowed through the line to the tank.  All seems to be working fine now.  

Powesnake returned and septic pump out is tomorrow.  Should be interesting.  We called 2 rooter guys (one from the plumber and one from the septic company and both were looking at 2 weeks from now). Hence I had to let hubby do it - although it did save a lot of $$.  

Hopefully this will fix the issue. 

I'm ready to put it behind us.  

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