Thursday, June 29, 2017

Shorts success!

Well, I had quite the interesting trip to goodwill yesterday....didn't find any shorts there, but I have to say - I was a little grossed out I headed to the door empty handed I noticed in with the athletic bottoms - there was a set of boxer shorts hanging on the rack, same kind hubby wears, I know since I buy them and do the laundry. That creeped me out a bit, if they were in the package sealed like from the store - might not have creeped me out.  

Today I hit Savers and found a pair of shorts. Much happier with the $6.49 price too. 

Then I went into target to check the sales/clearance items - mostly laundry detergent on my mind....
Struck out there but found a great pair of sandles for a wedding we have in August.  It's an outside picnic wedding, but flip flops or my keens might not be dressy enough. And they only cost $18.74 since they were on clearance. Yay!

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