Monday, June 19, 2017

Super busy Monday!

Today was one of those hit the ground running days....
I had my annual physical scheduled as the 1st patient of the day.  Home to do a bit of paperwork and get youngest up and ready for some required errands.  
Headed out for those and a stop at Aldi and it was home to process the produce I bought.  
Lettuce & other veggies to wash and chop, fruit to cut up for the week, 'shake n bake' to make dinner to get into the oven before the rain came.  
Holy cow the rain came - when they said thunderstorms they weren't kidding around.  It made the house shake. Not cool!

Tomorrow is more paperwork/phone calls day and some cleaning. Even paperwork for the kids, one has research for colleges to do and one has thank you notes to write.  Also laundry - a daily task, skipped today so now there will be 2 loads and they are full ones.  

Keep your fingers crossed I'm productive.  Mine will be 

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