Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weekend is coming!

I hate to say it - but I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  We have loads to do - but, I know come Sunday afternoon there will be peace.  
Kids head to camp and I won't have to cook - although I will have my meals all ready to go by Sunday night in the fridge for the week.  I have my list of house projects to work on all set.  Every day I'm going to work on 2-3 things. Nothing huge this summer just stuff that needs taking care of and bothering me. 
Hence my desire to NOT cook much.  

Here are some of the things I hope to get done:
Scrub patio with vinegar (safer for the grass nearby) (couple hours)
Make a wood rack - (1 day) simple one found on Pinterest and I think I have the supplies or can get at Restore
Make wine bottle tiki torches (couple hours)
Pre-pack for my adventure (1 day)
Tidy up the office - currently a disaster (1-2 days)
Deep clean bathrooms (1 day)
3 sewing projects - not big just things to do (2 hours)
Hang cork board in Youngest's bedroom  & touch up wall paint (1-2 hours)
Paint trim on oldests cork board (1/2 day)

I also have 2 desks I want to sell - if the don't sell they are going to restore for the tax write off.  Will be listing on Facebook/craigslist since the Letgo app was a disaster (I get pissy when trying to sell something and people try to super lowball or get it for free - duh, if it was free it would say FREE) 

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  1. Dang we need a desk for College Boy's new apt. come August. Wish I lived closer!

    Have fun getting your projects done...