Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's up?

So, things have been busy for us....
The weekend was spent outside cleaning up the yard sort of...I had to use the leaf blower to get all the caterpillar poops off the's a daily chore now.  also gave the lawn chairs a hose down. 

We have an above ground pool - last year my lack of chemical knowledge about ph levels etc...we just couldn't get really as clear as we like. Fast forward to pool prep weekend (this weekend) we had to drain it and are refilling it. Thank goodness we have the house's original dug well set up for this (and car washing & plant watering). It takes forever though - forever to me anyhow.  Once it's full and chlorinated I will take a sample to the pool guy store for a test and pick up the appropriate chemicals.  

The heat Monday and Tuesday was so bad that I didn't cook Tuesday....hubby stopped at Big Y and picked up fried clam dinners (B1G1) on the way home from work - just fine!  Monday was leftovers.....

This week's project includes me making tiki torches from old wine bottles (if I can find all the parts I need) looks like Home Depot for me!  

Tomorrow I have to run errands with the kids - agway, community college visit(hopefully), drop off an engine for hubby that needs fixing.

Friday is eye exam/contact refitting for me.  Hoping to find contacts that I can wear more than a few hours without pain. Thinking of switching to dailies - since the 2 week wear ones were bothering me last time I wore them.  

Hopefully everyone is having a frugal week!

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