Friday, July 14, 2017

Five Frugal Things Friday

This week, I've tried to be frugal where I can....haven't been as successful as I would like though.  I'm going to own it though and admit it so hopefully I am accountable and do better when o get back from my adventure.

1. Used a coupon at Joanns for a very important sewing notion I needed.  
2.  Resisted the temptation to buy any new clothes for this adventure - and believe me, the temptation has been there on my many trips to buy stuff I had run out of.
3.  Made most meals (except one dinner out w hubby) at home from stuff in the freezer.
4.  Got my awesome Walgreens deals (already posted about). The oxi detergent is ok...I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it, I think I like the arm & hammer the best with our well water and washer.  
5.  Used my Walmart gift card earned by using Ibotta for some last minute things we needed at home before I go. 

Getting ready to go

I've spent the last few days getting ready for my adventure.....I leave tomorrow and hubby and kids come next week.  

I've been busy with packing, trying to clean so the house isn't a total disaster upon return, running out for last minute items, keeping up on laundry, etc.  it's been a busy week.

Today has me heading off to staples, marshalls and sadly Walmart again (was just there last night picking up my allergy meds and forgot to look for something I needed). 

I will try to get a frugal things post done at the end of the day - but so far, it's going to be wicked light on reporting - these trips do this to me.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

HBO documentary

Did anyone see the HBO documentary "Paycheck to Paycheck"?  If you have Comcast cable it's free priview  week and you can catch it with the On demand option.  

It's about a single mom of 3 kids.  She has a basic job working as an aid in a nursing home down south.  I'm floored that when the showed her filing her income taxes (yes it was a few years ago - less than 5) she still wound up losing her food stamps. Which didn't make sense since the kids dad wasn't paying child support since he was out if work and she was earning less than $20k/year.  Just didn't make sense....
They also showed her spending $80something to get her hair cut & colored as a treat with some if the tax return, I understand wanting to look & feel good, especially when everything else isn't going well...but holy crap!  That's a lot of money - Even today.  

Makes me thankful that hubs has a decent job and I'm not a single mom, because in CT I don't think I could swing it even if the kids went to public school - not with the kinds of jobs I had before I stopped working to raise them.  

Monday, July 10, 2017

Walgreens deals

I just started checking the Walgreens app.  I can load coupons to my Walgreens card from it.  After dropping oldest off to help on a friends eagle project I stopped at the Walgreens on the way home.  
I found on the app a $5 off 2 head and shoulders shampoo and a $3 off oxiclean detergent.  Well, as luck would have it the detergent was on sale for 3.99 & head and shoulders was onsale 2/$12!  
Using both coupons I was out the door for $8!  I'm so happy!  
$.99 for a bottle of laundry detergent and $3.50 each for the shampoo that helps Youngest's scalp issues. 

Definately check the app out!  It's fantastic

Busy busy week ahead

Happy Monday!  
Warning - super busy week this week getting ready for the next adventure.  So, posts may be short, rambley, or non existent.   Next Saturday I leave for my big adventure - that's all I can say now, since I'm trying to keep privacy of my family in check.  Not trying to be cagey....honest.  
While on my adventure I might be able to post but cell service will be spotty at best I have a feeling and I'll actually be 'working' (volunteering) so I may be too wiped out at the end if the day too.

This week is being spent getting myself packed, helping hubby and the kids get stuff done and trying to keep the mess in the house under control somewhat.  Oh, and all of this while remembering to eat super healthy for the week (instead of coffee and fistfulls of fruit loops - my go to stress snack)

Today's fun, as always starts with laundry and taking oldest to help on an Eagle Scout project.  
Follow that up with some calls to our insurance company regarding some Rx co-pays that seemed really high to me and gathering my paperwork for the Adventure. (Well, really more like organizing it all)

I have some sewing yo work on as well but may need to set up a table to do do, since there is all kinds of stuff on the dining room table that Cant be disturbed.

When I get home I HAVE to get the old playroom to craft/project room conversion complete!  Someone please kick me in the ass on this!!  Seriously!!  

So this morning I'm starting to ramble - uh oh....not a good sign - but I'm determined to keep my sense of humor and just plug doo de doot!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Five Frugal Things Friday

Kind if a slow week here on the frugality frontline....but here are five frugal things I did this week....

1.  All laundry washed at home was done in cold water and hung on racks to dry.
2.  Pet laundry was washed and dried at laundromat (yes it costs $$ but saves wear and tear on my machine - we have a shedding Guinea pig and her fur makes a mess of my links filters)
3.  Did some quick hand mending.  Makes things last longer.
4.  Combined all errands - no zigzagging trips around town
5.  Bought pizza for tomorrow at Aldi, rather than ordering out.  Large 5 cheese $4.99 & large chicken fajita pizza $5.99. Cheaper than 1 larger cheese at the pizza place.

I went to a new Aldi that just opened in June.  I'm calling it a super-Aldi.  It's bigger than the others I go to, and...better layout. I will go back, but today I was able to stay under $30 picking up fresh fruit & veggies, milk, ready popped olive oil & salt popcorn (hubs eats it at work), almond snack packs for my trip and the pizzas.   I will definitely be shopping at this one again.  Hubs stopped at the one near his office this week and bought some of their sloppy joe sauce for us to try - hope it's good.  


I'm thrilled to say, I got my re-made glasses and huge success!  Much better.  I'm so glad I went back. These frames fit better too - no sore spot on my ear.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wait!? It's Wednesday?

What a blur the past 5 days have been...
Hubby and kids came home.  Youngest headed back to camp to work for the week. Turns out all good - can count the hours toward volunteer time at school.  So. Saturday was rewashing and repacking.

I've been super busy - Saturday had me at LensCrafters getting my new glasses....only my reading Rx changed not the distance portion.  I wear progressives & have for years!  Well the ones they made Saturday - not cutting it, I tried for 5 days to get them to work, they were rubbing one ear horribly, and the focal points were all screwy.  So back today to pick new frames with longer temples and getting the lenses remade from scratch.  Everyone please say a prayer these work better tomorrow.  I really don't think I have the internal fortitude to wear lined bifocals or deal with them not getting it right again.  

Sunday we cooked & served for the soup kitchen at our church - after getting youngest kid back to camp.  

4th of July we stayed home - slept late, puttered around and then took oldest to dinner.  Didn't even fight crowds for fireworks this year.  

Today I also managed a trip to agway for pet food & hay, Walmart for some items the were out of at the one near LensCrafters on Saturday, the dentist with eldest child and price rite for yogurt and romaine hearts.  I'm whupped. 

Now the week is nearly done. Really strange it's flown by!