Monday, July 10, 2017

Busy busy week ahead

Happy Monday!  
Warning - super busy week this week getting ready for the next adventure.  So, posts may be short, rambley, or non existent.   Next Saturday I leave for my big adventure - that's all I can say now, since I'm trying to keep privacy of my family in check.  Not trying to be cagey....honest.  
While on my adventure I might be able to post but cell service will be spotty at best I have a feeling and I'll actually be 'working' (volunteering) so I may be too wiped out at the end if the day too.

This week is being spent getting myself packed, helping hubby and the kids get stuff done and trying to keep the mess in the house under control somewhat.  Oh, and all of this while remembering to eat super healthy for the week (instead of coffee and fistfulls of fruit loops - my go to stress snack)

Today's fun, as always starts with laundry and taking oldest to help on an Eagle Scout project.  
Follow that up with some calls to our insurance company regarding some Rx co-pays that seemed really high to me and gathering my paperwork for the Adventure. (Well, really more like organizing it all)

I have some sewing yo work on as well but may need to set up a table to do do, since there is all kinds of stuff on the dining room table that Cant be disturbed.

When I get home I HAVE to get the old playroom to craft/project room conversion complete!  Someone please kick me in the ass on this!!  Seriously!!  

So this morning I'm starting to ramble - uh oh....not a good sign - but I'm determined to keep my sense of humor and just plug doo de doot!

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