Friday, July 7, 2017

Five Frugal Things Friday

Kind if a slow week here on the frugality frontline....but here are five frugal things I did this week....

1.  All laundry washed at home was done in cold water and hung on racks to dry.
2.  Pet laundry was washed and dried at laundromat (yes it costs $$ but saves wear and tear on my machine - we have a shedding Guinea pig and her fur makes a mess of my links filters)
3.  Did some quick hand mending.  Makes things last longer.
4.  Combined all errands - no zigzagging trips around town
5.  Bought pizza for tomorrow at Aldi, rather than ordering out.  Large 5 cheese $4.99 & large chicken fajita pizza $5.99. Cheaper than 1 larger cheese at the pizza place.

I went to a new Aldi that just opened in June.  I'm calling it a super-Aldi.  It's bigger than the others I go to, and...better layout. I will go back, but today I was able to stay under $30 picking up fresh fruit & veggies, milk, ready popped olive oil & salt popcorn (hubs eats it at work), almond snack packs for my trip and the pizzas.   I will definitely be shopping at this one again.  Hubs stopped at the one near his office this week and bought some of their sloppy joe sauce for us to try - hope it's good.  


  1. Great frugal five! May I ask where the "super Aldi" is? The one closest to me (Meriden/Wallingford line) is okay but I am curious to see what another one looks like!

    1. This one was in Waterford. I had some errands that way and i knew they just opened a few weeks ago. The store was mostly just bigger and more space between aisles. And I liked the cold foods layout better - plus this one sells beer. Which I'm picky about but have heard their ciders are tasty

    2. Thanks for the info! When we go to Charlestown Beach later this summer, I may have to plan a trip in there on the way home! =)